The happiest day of Dylan’s life has finally arrived…her wedding day!

All of Silver Springs is ready for a celebration to remember. But things get off to a rocky start when Grandma Hazel calls down a flock of eagles that try to eat the wedding doves. Then Dylan sees Roman before the ceremony. Things couldn’t get any worse, could they?

Never ask a question you don’t want answered.

When a ghost from Roman’s past threatens the happy couple’s future together, the wedding is put on hold. That’s fine. Dylan and Roman will get things straightened out. But when that same ghost from the past winds up dead, Roman is arrested for murder.

Now it’s up to Dylan to find the real killer before Roman is sent to witch prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Can she do it? Or will she become the killer’s next victim? And more importantly…

Will Dylan finally get the happily ever after she’s been dreaming of? Find out now!


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