Bless Your Witch Series
Bless Your Witch Series

Bless Your Witch Series

Dylan Apel juggles running a successful dress boutique while keeping her magical powers hidden from the townsfolk of Silver Springs, Alabama. As if that’s not enough, Dylan is also forced to keep a close eye on her unwieldy grandmother and somehow manage to find time for love.

Scared Witchless

Book 1

Kiss My Witch

Book 2

Queen Witch

Book 3

Quit Your Witchin'

Book 4

For Witch's Sake

Book 5

Don't Give A Witch

Book 6

Southern Fried Witchmas

Book 6.5

Witch My Grits

Book 7

Fried Green Witch

Book 8

Southern Witching

Book 9

Y'all Witches

Book 10

Hold Your Witches

Book 11

Wedding Bells and a Rat's Tale

A Short Story

Southern Fried Witch Vol. 1

Box Set (Book 1-3)