The Dark Revolution Series

In 2087, the United States is torn apart by Civil War. During this time, a new faction emerges—the Patriot Party. They are ruthless—executing all who oppose them. The Party controls the masses down to the simplest details—rationing food, deciding who marries, even forcing the population to dress and act like it’s 1776. With all the comforts of technology gone—fuel, mass food production and medicine—the people willingly follow this regime. But they are cruel, vicious rulers.

And they’re about to meet their match. Join the rebels as they fight to overthrow the government. Each story focuses on a different couple and brings them ever closer to winning this Dark Revolution.

Unlikely Rebel

Book 1


Book 2


Book 3


Book 4

The Dark Revolution: Novellas One - Three

Box Set (Book 1-3)