August 22

A Magical Renovation Mystery, Book 7

When a gnome competition comes to Peachwood, Clementine finds herself in the middle of a feud between Malene and Norma Ray. Each woman wants to win the gnome competition, but there can be only one winner.
Or can there be?
And when one of the competitors winds up dead, it’s up to Clementine to solve the mystery. Can she do it?
Mudroom Mystic
Spell Struck

September 12

Midlife Spell Hunter, Book 2

Georgia and Dane’s adventures continue in SPELL STRUCK!

Things are going great for Georgia. She’s starting a new company with her husband, one where they hunt for rare and dangerous spells. But when a rare spell gets in the wrong hands can Georgia and Dane get it back or will all heck break loose?

October 21

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 21

There’s a new sheriff in Magnolia Cove and he’s taking names and kicking rear ends. Only Betty Craple doesn’t like her rear end being kicked. As the matron of Magnolia Cove, nothing happens in town without Betty knowing about it.

And when a murder occurs, this new sheriff is not only looking like an outsider, he’s beginning to look like suspect number one.

Can Pepper and her family solve the murder? Or will they become the next victims?

Southern Cauldrons