January 10

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 18

Pepper is in her second trimester so watch out!

It’s the day of her baby shower and everything is going great…until it isn’t. The town receives word that a rogue warlock is on the loose and he’s in Magnolia Cove.

Axel receives a strange that will reveal his future as a wizard. Meanwhile, Sherman is trying to find a birthday present for Amelia. And all this is happening while Pepper is trying to figure out the best way to raise the little Witchling on the way!

Will they catch the warlock? And what about the mysterious package that Axel receives? What’s that all about? Pepper and the gang will need help with this. They’ll find it in a wizard who’s been missing for some time.

Southern Jinxed
Spell Hunter

February 14

Midlife Spell Hunter, Book 1
A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

Midlife ain’t no joke…

On paper, Georgia Nocturne has everything—a great job and a beautiful family.

But at forty-five, Georgia’s career is going nowhere and her family only pays attention to her when they need to be fed.

Frustrated with her humdrum life and the way her body is rapidly sagging and shifting as if it has a mind of its own, Georgia decides things must change.

That change comes with a blast from her past.

You see, she has a secret—she’s a retired witch and spell hunter.

Georgia decides to restore her powers and take a job hunting for a rare spell. But it turns out that Georgia is not the only hunter in town. A mysterious man also seeks the spell and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Can Georgia prove that she still has what it takes to be a spell hunter and gain the respect from her family that she wants? Or will she fail and let the spell fall into the wrong hands?

March 21

A Magical Renovation Mystery, Book 5

Things get heated in Peachwood as Clementine deals with a barn renovation gone wrong. A mischievous sprite is wreaking havoc and it’s up to Clem and the gang to straighten everything out. Of course, this has to happen while Clem juggles her personal life and tries to get to know her grandparents. Can she stop the sprite and clean up the town or will the sprite win?
Barn Bewitchment (Cover Coming Soon)