Southern Wishes

Coming October 6

Sweet Tea Witch Mysteries, Book 14

Pepper’s adventures continue in SOUTHERN WISHES. When Pepper and her cousins get the chance to rewrite their histories with a wish, the witches get more than they bargained for…

Southern Wishes

2019 Release Schedule

For those of y’all wondering, here’s my publishing schedule for the year:
January: SOUTHERN POTIONS, Sweet Tea Witches #9
February: SOUTHERN FORTUNES, Sweet Tea Witches #10
March: THE GHOST WHO ATE GRITS, Ghost Wranglers #3
April: SOUTHERN HAUNTINGS, Sweet Tea Witches #11
May: BACKWOODS BANSHEE, Ghost Wranglers #4
June: SOUTHERN WANDS, Sweet Tea Witches #12
July: DEADLY SPELLS AND A SOUTHERN BELLE, Southern Belles and Spells Matchmaker Mysteries #1
August: SOUTHERN CONJURING, Sweet Tea Witches #13
September: CURSED BRIDES AND ALIBIS, Southern Belles and Spells Matchmaker Mysteries #2
October: SOUTHERN WISHES, Sweet Tea Witches #14
November: Southern Belles and Spells Matchmaker Mysteries #3
December: Sweet Tea Witches #15

There won’t be a Bless Your Witch book this year, but I will return to it next year!