Sweet Tea Witches
Sweet Tea Witches

Sweet Tea Witches

When Pepper Dunn discovers she’s a witch, she is whisked off to the magical town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama. There, Pepper learns to wield her magic, meets a family she has never known and finds love.

Southern Magic

Book 1

Southern Spells

Book 2

Southern Myths

Book 3

Southern Sorcery

Book 4

Southern Curses

Book 5

Southern Karma

Book 6

Southern Magic Thanksgiving

Book 7

Southern Magic Christmas

Book 8

Southern Potions

Book 9

Southern Fortunes

Book 10

Southern Hauntings

Book 11

Southern Wands

Book 12

Southern Conjuring

Book 13

Southern Wishes

Book 14

Southern Dreams

Book 15

Southern Magic Wedding

Book 16

Sweet Southern Magic Vol. 1

Box Set (Book 1-3)

How Sweet Magic Is

Box Set (Books 4-6)