Sweet Tea Witches
Sweet Tea Witches

Sweet Tea Witches

When Pepper Dunn discovers she’s a witch, she is whisked off to the magical town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama. There, Pepper learns to wield her magic, meets a family she has never known and finds love.

Southern Magic

Book 1

Southern Spells

Book 2

Southern Myths

Book 3

Southern Sorcery

Book 4

Southern Curses

Book 5

Southern Karma

Book 6

Southern Magic Thanksgiving

Book 7

Southern Magic Christmas

Book 8

Southern Potions

Book 9

Southern Fortunes

Book 10

Southern Hauntings

Book 11

Southern Wands

Book 12

Southern Conjuring

Book 13

Southern Wishes

Book 14

Southern Dreams

Book 15

Book 16

Sweet Southern Magic Vol. 1

Box Set (Book 1-3)

How Sweet Magic Is

Box Set (Books 4-6)