Lost Southern Magic Series
Lost Southern Magic Series

Lost Southern Magic Series

The town of Magnolia Cove has lost its magic. It’s up to Pepper Reign to reclaim it. The series Lost Southern Magic is a four book, four series crossover. Over the span of these books, Pepper Reign with unite with ghosthunter Blissful Breneaux (of Southern Ghost Wranglers), witchy matchmaker Charming Calhoun (of Southern Belles and Spells Matchmakers) and Dylan Bane (of Bless Your Witch). The witches will work together toward the common goal of saving Magnolia Cove. Can they do it? Find out now.

The Gold Touch That Went Cattywampus

Book 1

The Yellow-Bellied Scaredy Cat

Book 2

A Mess of Sirens

Book 3

Knee-High to a Thief

Book 4