Southern Secrets

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Sweet Tea Witches, Book 27

Pepper Reign is still reeling from the consequences of having her goodness stolen by Wells Morgan—and the results were so bad that cousin Amelia isn’t speaking to her. Determined to reclaim what was taken, Pepper, Axel, and Betty confront Wells about the theft.

But he’s dead—stone cold dead.

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Southern Magic Wedding

How to Fake It with a Fae

February 25, 2024
Seven Suitors For Seven Witches, Book 1

A brooding fae king bent on revenge meets his match in this hilarious modern romance.

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A Mess of Sirens

Something Withering This Way Comes

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The Withering Mysteries, Book 2

Grim is having a bad year. A monster hunter by trade, his world is ripped apart when he’s cursed with a sickness that’s slowly changing him into one of the very creatures he hunts.

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Southern Sorceresses, Suspense and Spirts

Amy Boyles writes paranormal cozy mysteries that feature witches, werewolves, vampires, ghost hunters and unicorns. Oh, and there’s always a touch of romance. Check out the series she’s writing below.

Magical Renovation Mysteries
Magical Renovation Mystery Series
Lost Southern Magic Series
Southern Ghost Wranlgers
Southern Single Mom Paranormal Mysteries
Southern Belles and Spells Matchmaker Mysteries
Bless Your Witch Series
Sweet Tea Witches Series

Wedding Bells and a Rat’s Tale

Wedding Bells and a Rat's TaleWhen Dylan meets up with a rat who needs a wedding dress, mayhem breaks loose in the Apel family. There’s a mystery to be solved, a dress to be sewn and a rat to keep in line. Can Dylan do it all or will she let down a whole family of rats?

This is a Bless Your Witch Short story that was previously released in the SEVEN PETS FOR SEVEN WITCHES anthology under the title ‘A Wedding For a Rat’.

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Spells & Spirits

A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Sampler

Spells and Spirits

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Enjoy four full-length paranormal cozy mysteries, featuring witches and ghosts. This sampler includes SCARED WITCHLESS, SOUTHERN MAGIC, SOUL FOOD SPIRITS and THE WITCH'S HANDBOOK TO HUNTING VAMPIRES.