It should’ve been so easy…

Blissful Breneaux has spent her career catching troublesome ghosts for a covert government agency. But all that changes the day she is suspended from the team.

She has one shot to redeem herself— track down the biggest, baddest spirit the agency has ever known and haul him in.

Too bad that ghost resides in the one place Blissful despises—Haunted Hollow, Alabama, the second most haunted city in the country.  It’s the tourist attraction from hell. The entire town is focused on keeping spirits in the human world. Blissful has spent her life sending ghosts to the afterlife.  She’s knee deep in a foreign place—and it’s not just the deer head trophies and the giant pickup trucks that are throwing her for a loop.

When a local tells Blissful he has information that could win her job back, she’s all ears. But when he winds up murdered, Blissful finds herself near the top a list of subjects.

Thrust into the middle of a murder mystery, Blissful teams up with a pair of amateur ghost-hunting grannies who know more about town dynamics than hunting spirits. Then there’s the handsome bed and breakfast owner who’s keeping more secrets than he’s revealing. But Blissful is determined to discover what the murder victim knew. She’ll hunt for clues all over town, even if it puts her in the clutches of the Haunted Hollow murderer.


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