Backwoods Banshee

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Backwoods Banshee

Southern Ghost Wranglers, Book 4

May 14, 2019

It’s a special night in Haunted Hollow, Alabama. The second most haunted town in the country will witness the yearly appearance of the spirit called the Backwoods Banshee.

Blissful and her gang of ghost wranglers, Ruth and Alice, are ready for the sighting. But when a rival band of geriatric hunters bet the Southern Ghost Wranglers that they won’t see the banshee first, the deal is on. The cost of losing? Public humiliation.

Blissful is determined to win the wager. Yet when the bet leads to murder and Ruth becomes the primary suspect, Blissful is determined to prove Ruth innocent.

If only life were that simple. To find the real killer, Blissful must strike a deal with the batty banshee, turn to her long-lost biological mother for help, and face a future that may not involve Roan Storm, the man Blissful is crazy about.

As Blissful closes in on the killer, she finds herself in the sites of the murderer.

Can she solve the murder before Ruth is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit? Or will Blissful become the killer’s next victim?