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The Dark Revolution, Book 3

As a rebel spy, Abby Westbrook has duped her fair share of marks and right now, she’s only a hair’s breath away from getting the current one to divulge all his secrets. So when she’s invited on a weekend trip to his estate, she figures it’s a done deal. There’s just one thing Abby doesn’t count on—her husband being one of the guests.

If there’s one thing Atticus Draper can’t stand, it’s rebels. For the past ten years he’s devoted his life to the Patriot Party and their cause, which means living by the adage the only good rebel is a dead one. This theology has never been a problem until he sees Abby Westbrook, a woman who’s the spitting image of his dead wife.

When Abby goes to great lengths to avoid him, Atticus realizes the truth—she’s a rebel spy. Will Atticus let his loyalty to the Patriot Party overrule the devotion in his heart to the woman he once loved, or will he find himself baited by a rebel trap?

Baited is Book Three in the Dark Revolution series: All the oil is gone. So is the United States government as we know it. It’s been replaced by a faction called the Patriot Party, a group that maintains control of the people by imprisoning anyone who speaks out against them. The only resistance exists in the form of small bands of rebel fighters. Join them as they attempt to bring light back into the world and end the dark revolution.