Barn Bewitchment

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Barn Bewitchment

Magical Renovation Mysteries, Book 5

Everything is going great for Clementine and Rufus in Peachwood, Alabama. Clem’s got a new barn to restore, which should be awesome news until Malene reveals the barn is bewitched and if Clem is determined to restore it, she will be driven crazy.

Undeterred, Clem dives head first into the work. But then a dead body surfaces and the owner starts exhibiting bizarre behavior.

Is the barn bewitched or is there something else, something more sinister going on?

As she starts to uncover the truth, the rosy veneer of Peachwood begins to rust. There’s a fight brewing between the magicks and humans. Can the two live peacefully together in one small town? Or will chaos break out?

So Clem’s got her hands full. Can she discover the truth of the barn and keep her town sewn together? Or will everything rip apart at the seams and leave Clem just one more victim of a barn bewitchment?