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The Dark Revolution, Book 4

The series that readers are saying will “raise your hackles, raise your heartrate and keep you reading.”

When Drake Vanlay severed ties with the rebels of Corinth, he didn’t look back. But now they need him for one final mission—secure the means to get the power grid up and running. It’s a task that requires going undercover in the Hold, a prison for women who failed the Rendering, the government’s mandated purity test. He expects the place to be brutal, but what he doesn’t expect is to lose his heart.

Tess McCann escaped death at the hands of the Patriot Party only to be imprisoned in the Hold. But that’s fine with her, for Tess has secrets that must remain hidden from the outside world. When she’s forced to assist the Hold’s handsome new Protector, Tess is wary—administrators love inflicting brutal punishment on their victims. But this new Protector is kind, caring—everything the leaders of the Hold aren’t. When he starts taking her beyond the prison’s walls, Tess is convinced he’s hiding something.

As Drake falls for Tess, he’s put in a difficult situation—get the information he needs from her or pursue the passion brewing between them. But will Tess trust him enough to relinquish her deepest secrets? Or will those secrets tear them apart and get them both killed?