How to Fake It with a Fae

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How to Fake It with a Fae

Seven Suitors For Seven Witches, Book 1

A brooding fae king bent on revenge meets his match in this hilarious modern romance.

Book lover Addison Thornrose can match you with your next perfect read. Unfortunately, she can’t match herself with a good man. Her latest just dumped her. Worse, she’s learned that unless she marries, and quickly, her family will lose their witch magic—forever.

Feylin, king of the fae, has no interest in romance. In fact, the only thing he’s interested in is getting revenge on the family that ruined his life. So when he learns that they’re holding a Bridgerton style ball to marry off their oldest daughter, he sees an opportunity for vengeance.

But what Feylin doesn’t expect is to start falling for her. And worse, he really doesn’t expect it when ancient fae magic binds him to Addison so that they can’t be separated.

His solution is to strike a bargain—be in a fake relationship. Just until they can break the spell between them, and just until he can get his revenge.

For Addison, this is a dream come true. She doesn’t want to be pawned off to a line of suitors, and she certainly doesn’t want to be engaged. But between the spine-tingling fake dates and the tension-infused banter, lines begin to blur. And Addison begins to wonder when her heart will stop faking it and her feelings become real.

Bridgerton meets A Court of Thorns and Roses in this grumpy-sunshine romantic comedy that features a magical bookshop, a tight-knit family, sisterhood, and lots of laughter. It’s the first in a series of stand-alone romances.