Restoration and Runes

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Restoration and Runes

Magical Renovation Mysteries, Book 13

Can a cursed playboy warlock solve a murder and mend his ways before it’s too late?

Life is going great for Clementine. She’s engaged to a fantastic guy in Rufus and has started planning her wedding. It’s all bluebirds and bouquets.

That is until her fiancé’s cousin shows up. He’s a warlock in trouble. You see, he’s cursed. Devlin has been hexed so that his magic doesn’t work. No problem. Rufus is a fantastic wizard. He can cure Devlin in record time.

The only problem is—Rufus doesn’t want to. Devlin is a playboy with a huge emphasis on the play part. He’s always got a woman on each arm—and sometimes those women are married. Before Rufus will cure Devlin, he must stop all the womanizing.

Done. Sort of.

When one of Devlin’s girlfriends winds up dead, he becomes the primary suspect and he wants to flee the scene of the crime.

Can Rufus and Clem convince Devlin that they need to find the killer? Will he grow up enough to help them and win back his power? Or will Rufus’s cousin sink in the mire of his own immaturity and spend the rest of his life in prison?