Something Withering This Way Comes

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Something Withering This Way Comes

The Withering Mysteries, Book 2

It only takes an instant for Grim—monster hunter and emotionally scarred hero—to lose everything.

Grim is having a bad year. A monster hunter by trade, his world is ripped apart when he’s cursed with a sickness that’s slowly changing him into one of the very creatures he hunts.

Yet there’s hope in a truce with his sister, Shelby. If anyone can help, it’s her, because she’s the strongest witch he knows. But unfortunately, Shelby hates him.

She begrudgingly agrees to help, but Grim has to assist her first. You see, her old coven seeks the bones of a dead witch—magical bones that are supposedly hidden in her house. All Grim has to do is find them to stop the coven from snatching them first.

Now he must navigate a house with a mind of its own—a home that happily throws up obstacles in his path. He must also stop the coven from harming his sister—all while attempting to find a cure for himself.

Can Grim find the bones and stop the coven, or will they get them first? And most importantly, will Grim find a cure for the sickness?