Southern Beginnings

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Southern Beginnings

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 19

Pepper Reign is only weeks away from giving birth to her first-born child when the biggest challenge of her career rears its head. She’s been charged with finding a unicorn for a spoiled teenager.

Problem is, Pepper’s not sure that she wants to hand over a magical creature to the kid. When she reveals this to Betty, her grandmother, the old woman almost has a cow. Betty tells Pepper that has to find the unicorn, and if she doesn’t, then something very bad will happen in Magnolia Cove.

Pepper is tempted to blow off Betty’s concerns, but when bad things begin to unfold, she realizes that her grandmother might be right after all.

Now Pepper has to find a unicorn and stop an evil presence from taking over her town before the baby is born. Can she do it? Or will Pepper and Magnolia Cove wind up in worse shape than when they began?