Southern Conjuring

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Southern Conjuring

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 13

You never know when an ordinary day in Magnolia Cove will turn into one that’s extraordinary—and not in a good way.

All heck breaks loose when Pepper and her cousins accidentally release a magic eater into their beloved town. At first, they’re not sure what kind of evil they’ve unleashed, but when bodies start dropping, it’s clear this magic eater intends to feast on people in town.

Pepper must stop the creature from claiming more victims and attempt to plan her wedding to Axel Reign. Can she and her friends stop the magic eater or will a member of the Craple family become its next victim?

Starring a cast of characters from previous books including hat shop owner Sylvia Spirits, school headmaster Saltz Swift and goofy real estate agent CJ Hix, Southern Conjuring will keep you on the edge of your seat right until the end!