Southern Secrets

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Southern Secrets

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 27

Can Pepper get her dragon gift?

Pepper Reign is still reeling from the consequences of having her goodness stolen by Wells Morgan—and the results were so bad that cousin Amelia isn’t speaking to her. Determined to reclaim what was taken, Pepper, Axel, and Betty confront Wells about the theft.

But he’s dead—stone cold dead.

Not only did the man leave a menagerie of dragons, but he also left a house full of suspects—a trophy wife, an adult son, and two apprentices.

Turns out, not only does Pepper need to find her goodness before she spirals into darkness, but she and her family must also uncover Wells’s killer.

In fact, they’ve been charged with that job—and are supposed to stay at the mansion until the murderer is named.

But there are distractions—finding her goodness and acquiring a dragon’s gift. Wait. What? A gift from a dragon? Apparently her dragon Hugo can bestow her with a magical gift. But what is it? And can she receive it before the murderer strikes again?

Because she, Axel, and Betty are stuck in a house with a killer and there are no guarantees that murder is off the table. Can Pepper find the killer before he or she strikes again? Or will she lose not only her goodness, but the most valuable essence of all—her life?

Southern Secrets is book 27 in the ongoing Sweet Tea Witch Mysteries. If you love all things Southern including liberal use of the words y’all, and ma’am, along with sweet tea, you’ll adore binge reading about Pepper and her found family. In these books you’ll find a spunky heroine, hilarious old lady antics, warm family feels, and sweet romance. If you’re new to the series, start with Southern Magic.