Southern Trappings

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Southern Trappings

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 24

A baby has been left on Pepper’s doorstep? Axel is cursed and on his deathbed?

There is way too much going on in Magnolia Cove. After a mysterious curse leaves Axel gravely ill, Pepper is doing all she can to save her husband. But of course, distractions arise. When a baby boy is deposited on her doorstep, there is a note saying that the father is either Amelia’s fiancé or Cordelia’s boyfriend. Luckily, Betty is on the case, ready to uncover the truth about the child’s paternity. So, problem solved—maybe.

On top of that, Pepper’s aunts declare that they can help Axel. All Pepper has to do is trust them, which seems like a great idea except they’re both chaos witches and wherever they go, you guessed it—chaos and mayhem follow.

But Pepper does trust them, and when disaster strikes, it looks like there’s no hope.

Will Pepper save Axel? And will the truth of the abandoned baby’s paternity be revealed? Find out now!