Southern Wishes

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Southern Wishes

Sweet Tea Witches, Book 14

Pepper Dunn’s life couldn’t be more perfect. In a few short weeks she’s set to marry the man of her dreams, Axel Reign. All she has to do is tick a few more boxes and the wedding will be on.

When her cousin Cordelia introduces Pepper to a wishing stone that can alter reality, Pepper doesn’t think much of it. But when she and her cousins each make a wish out of frustration, they are thrown quite literally into a very different Magnolia Cove.

In this Magnolia Cove, Pepper’s life is completely different. Everything she knows to be true is false, and her world is upside down. Now she and her cousins must find a way to return to their lives—and Pepper’s true love—before they’re trapped forever in a Magnolia Cove they don’t recognize, living lives that aren’t theirs.

Can they do it? Or will they be trapped forever?