The Yellow-Bellied Scaredy Cat

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The Yellow-Bellied Scaredy Cat

Lost Southern Magic Series, Book 2

The town of Magnolia Cove has lost its magic. It’s up to Pepper Reign to reclaim it.

When Blake Calhoun sets out to steal the heart fire, the object that makes the town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama, magical, his plan backfires. The heart isn’t stolen, instead it breaks into four pieces and scatters across the state. Now, newly married Pepper and Axel Reign must work to track down each piece. Lucky for them, when a person finds a piece, they are bestowed with strange abilities.

This is book two in the Lost Southern Magic series. In this story, Pepper’s search will take her to Witch’s Forge, where she will team up with Charming Calhoun. Will Charming and Pepper be able to find the piece of heart, or will Blake Calhoun beat them to it?

Lost Southern Magic is a four book limited crossover series. Over the span of these books, Pepper Reign with unite with ghosthunter Blissful Breneaux (of Southern Ghost Wranglers), witchy matchmaker Charming Calhoun (of Southern Belles and Spells Matchmakers) and Dylan Bane (of Bless Your Witch). These books will have witchy meet-ups and pit grandmother against grandmother. Each book will show Pepper’s perspective as well as surprise perspectives from Axel, and even Betty.