Witch Appeal

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Witch Appeal

Magical Renovation Mysteries, Book 11

Clem and Rufus are back in an all-new adventure!

When three mysterious people move to Peachwood, all of whom exhibit magical powers, Clem and Rufus are on high alert. You see, they had been warned that the Clearers, an order intent on destroying witches and wizards, are coming to their town with one goal—to end witchcraft in Peachwood.

This leaves Clem with one question—who is the Clearer? Is it the preacher creating miracles at First Baptist? Or the barista whose every coffee concoction overflows with magic? Or could the owner of the new sporting goods shop be the one that Clem and Rufus are looking for?

As their investigation deepens, chaos ensues. Media coverage of Peachwood reveals what folks really think about the witches and wizards in town—and y’all, it ain’t good. And when catastrophe strikes, Clem finds herself flying solo, without a wingman for help.

Will she uncover the Clearer before they overtake her town? Or will Clem find herself on the wrong side of magic? Find out now!