Witching the Night Away: A Witch Romance Anthology

12 witch romance novellas by New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors.

One Solstice Night by Amy Boyles
It’s the night of the solstice, when magic is most potent. For the past twenty years, Glorilee’s lover has been trapped behind the veil. Now the time has come for Glorilee to free him and have the family that she’s always wanted.

Gift of the Witch by Deanna Chase
Brewer Clay Garrison just found out his brew tanks are corrupted. Now it’s up to his witch wife Abby to save the season’s profits. But when a dire warning comes from a ghost, Abby is starting to believe someone is out to get them.

Enduring Magic by T.M. Cromer
Summer Thorne and Cooper Carlyle are tying the knot. Or are they? When the unthinkable happens, and their rings go missing, only one culprit comes to mind, Saul! But he isn’t talking, and the ceremony of their dreams has the potential to be their worst nightmare.

Witches, Mystery, and Mail Delivery by V Vaughn
Kylie moved to Sandpiper Island to escape the notoriety of being a runaway bride whose mad dash down the aisle went viral. She hopes to find her magic that ran off too, but instead, she lands in the middle of a murder investigation, with John, the guy she’s been crushing on. Now, there’s no where to run.

Candle Me with Care by Mandy M. Roth
Ever since Beatrice was cursed by her well-meaning grandmother, she’s had to deal with a demon dog, a love-struck familiar, and an enchanted candle. And now her ex-boyfriend is back. Has the curse brought them together again to make her life miserable, or does it have a little something else in mind?

A Potion For Your Thoughts by Michelle M. Pillow
Jesse Goode has spent the last two years avoiding going to Lucky Valley to claim an inheritance she doesn’t want. But when supernatural dangers threaten the people she cares about, she must face her fears and confront her past.

Web of Danger by Yasmine Galenorn
When January goes wedding dress shopping, she comes home with a haunted vintage wedding dress. Now, she must help Janet, the long-ago murdered bride, break free from the dress by figuring out who cursed her.

You Can’t Furry Love by Renee George
It turns out I’m a witch-born lycan, and when my wolf goes away, my magic kicks in. Luckily, a certain hunky coyote shifter wants to be my shifter in shining fur. When long kept family secrets are exposed, I’m determined to teach my enemies that life is a witch.

Forged in Fate by Sarah Hegger
In the aftermath of the massacre of their coven, wolf-shifter, Rachel, is out of options. She’s desperate enough to turn to Cole—the man who rejected her mate bond. With lives on the line, both Cole and Rachel need to work together. But are they an even greater danger to each other?

Witching the Listing by Christina Garner
To prove herself to her boss, Simone must sell the woman’s haunted cottage, but the ghost has conditions. When the buyer’s agent arrives, Ms. D forces the pair to work together or risk the sale. Noah is the type of man Simone must keep at a distance. But flowers bloom of their own accord, and sometimes so does love.

The Magical Miseducation of Sylvie Steele by Stephanie Berchiolly
When Sylvie is mugged in an alley, she discovers magical powers that put her in the crosshairs of the sinister August Grey. With the help of her therapist and a friend, Sylvie embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning to control her abilities and fight against malevolent forces.

Ambush by Jennifer Blackstream
Witch Shade Renard and her partner, alpha werewolf Liam Osbourne are trying to have a romantic working lunch. Things become less romantic when a rival alpha accuses Liam of being unfit to run the werewolf rehabilitation center. If he can’t prove himself worthy, he’ll lose everything.