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magic book

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A brooding fae king bent on revenge meets his match in this hilarious modern romance.

How to Fake It with a Fae

Chapter 1

Here’s the thing—when every guy you’ve dated dumps you for a witch who can summon a flock of doves with the snap of her fingers, as opposed to yourself, who can’t even conjure one mosquito in the middle of a swamp, you tend to get a little guy shy.

However, when you’ve been dating someone for six months and he suddenly asks you to dinner at the best restaurant in all of Nashville to talk about something important—completely out of the blue, I might add—it’s absolutely logical to think said guy is about to pop the question.

Isn’t it?

You don’t have to answer because I know it’s true.

So that’s why I’m currently shrugging on my coat and pointing myself toward the exit of Bookworm, the store where I work.

I love books.

But we’ll get to that.

“Addie, there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

My spine snaps to attention at the familiar voice of Mr. Roberts, one of our store regulars. I turn slowly, my gaze dragging from the door that I really want to be launching myself through to the elderly man.

His thin gray hair is coiled on his head as if he’s just run his hands through it in an attempt to create the world’s worst mohawk. His eyebrows match in color, and they wing upward, as do the hairs jutting from his ears, which are so long that they’re currently waving at me.

Even though Mr. Roberts has hair hygiene that makes me cringe, he’s a sweet old man.

He runs a plump hand down his tweed vest. “Addie, I just wanted to thank you for that last book recommendation. I loved Remains of the Day. Really spot on. Whenever I need a good read, I know who to ask.”

I thumb the buttons of my coat into their holes, trying to be quick as to subtly hint that I’m in a hurry. “That’s very kind of you, Mr. Roberts. My pleasure. After all, it’s what I do, recommend books.”

He pumps his brows. “Are you sure that you didn’t inherit any of the magic in your family? Because I’d swear that it’s magical the way you can always point me toward my next perfect read,” he adds with a chuckle.

I wince at the mention of my family, but he doesn’t notice. In my world, magic is out in the open—all the supernaturals are. There’s no need to hide that we’re different anymore, unlike the old days.

I smile. “My particular talent has nothing to do with magic and more to do with knowing a person’s taste.”

He stares at me a moment, drinking in the smart black coat and the peeking hem of my dress. The plum-colored dress is soft and clingy, but I butchered the tag when I cut it out, (missing half because I was in a rush), so it’s irritatingly itchy against my back.

He takes in the heels on my feet before his gaze tracks back up to my face, where he scans the auburn curls cascading down my shoulders, as opposed to the messy bun I normally tie my hair into.

“You look like you’ve got somewhere important to be.”

“I do.” I’m getting engaged! “But I’ll be back tomorrow if you want me to help you find a new book.”

“Yes, certainly.” His expression drops. “Don’t let me keep you. Whoever is waiting for you is truly a lucky fellow.”

And that’s when the guilt kicks in. There’s no way that I can abandon Mr. Roberts without locating his next read.

“My plans aren’t more important than you. In fact, I bet you’re ready for adventure after finishing Remains.”

Surprise flits across his face. “In fact, I am.”

“I knew it.” I cross to the shelf and grab a hardback novel. “This is Fallen Out. It’s by Wayne Stinnett, and is your typical murder and mayhem in paradise.”

He eyes the cover before breaking into a smile. “It looks marvelous. I’ll take it.”


“And I was also thinking of grabbing something about the fae.”

“Oh, um, I’m not sure we have anything.”

“Very mysterious beings, from what I understand. They can be quite vicious and violent.”

“That’s what I’ve heard, too.”

He leans in conspiratorially. “I believe they’ve moved into Castleview. Isn’t that the town you’re from?”

“It is, but I haven’t been back in a while.”

Which is quite true. I grab my purse off the back of a chair and smile. “Is there anything else I can help you find?”

He inhales sharply, breaking off his thoughts about the fae. “No, my dear. That’s all. Have a great night.”

“Thank you.”

I flip my hair out from the collar of my coat, tell my coworkers good night and march through the door into the cool autumnal afternoon that’s quickly slipping into evening. With the arrival of fall, Nashville’s humidity is receding, and fiery red leaves are beginning to shyly dot the trees.

My phone rings as soon as I’m on the street. I pull it from my purse, my heart quickening. I hope it’s not Edward calling to cancel. Ridiculous. Why would he cancel when he’s about to propose?

To my relief, it’s not him.

“Hello?” The downtown streets are bustling. Commuters are beelining for their cars to return to the suburbs. Others are tourists heading for the bars on Honky Tonk Row. I wind my way quickly around a group of men gaping at all the neon signs.

“Hello?” I repeat.


“Blair,” I say with a soft exhale. “I didn’t recognize the number.”

“Nana just got a new phone,” my sister tells me. “And she wanted me to call so that you’d have the number.”

I chuckle. “Why didn’t she call me herself?”

“Because she doesn’t understand silly human things like phones.”

“And you do?”

“Better than her,” my sister snips. Blair is, how shall I put it, prickly. She’s not mean, just simply my younger sister with a big bold head on her shoulders. “Here. She wants to talk to you.”

Soft muffling occurs as the phone is handed over. The next voice I hear is my grandmother’s. “Addie?”

“Nana, how are you?”

“Just fine, child,” she replies in a frail, elderly voice that’s drenched in all things Southern. “How are you?”

“I’ve got so much to tell you. Edward’s asked me out to dinner tonight to a fancy restaurant, and I think—”

“He’s going to propose?”

“Yes,” I say so loudly that people turn to look. I hunch back over the phone and stage-whisper, “Yes. All signs point to yes! He’s perfect, Nana. From a good magical family—the Blackwoods.”

She pauses. “Addie, you know it’s getting to be time.”

My stomach twists tightly. “I know. I know.” I’m not trying to blow her off, but I’ve heard all this before. “Things look promising. He’s got something important to talk to me about.” Goose bumps wash down my arms at the thought of Edward on one knee, his sandy hair pushed to the side, that adorable lopsided grin on his face and his teeth glinting in that magical way. Literally. He uses magic to make his teeth glint, though he swears it’s natural. But I know the truth. I wasn’t born yesterday. “So if he proposes—”

“We’ll be on the right path,” she confirms quietly—too quietly. “We miss you, child.”

A knot in my chest that I didn’t know existed, loosens. “I miss you, too.”

And I do. The one thing I loved as a child was climbing onto Nana’s lap and pressing my head to her soft bosom as she told me stories of sprites and faeries. But those days are long past.

“You need to visit,” she says. “See your family. Things might be different.”

My heart hardens. “They won’t be. You know that.”

But a proposal could actually change things. It’s been ages since I’ve seen my family, my town, and I miss all of it. I miss them.

“I’m getting tired, Addie.”

The tone of her voice strikes me as different from normal. She sounds weary, which makes me frown. Nana’s our family matriarch. She’s always existed, and as far as I’m concerned, she always will.

“I’ll call you as soon as Edward proposes,” I confide. “You’re going to love him. He’s entering wizard law school soon, and after that he’ll join his father’s practice. Then he hopes to run for magical office. He’s perfect.”


She’s clearly not as enthusiastic as I am, but she will be once she meets him. “Oh, I’m here at the restaurant. I’ve got to go.”

Blair says, “Keep the phone on the table so we can hear everything.”

“Have you been listening to our conversation?” I accuse playfully.

“You’re loud, Addie. You always are when you’re excited. Just be sure to send a pic of the ring,” she adds, her tone softening.

“All right, all right. Gotta go. Love y’all.”

“Love you,” Nana says before hanging up.

When I open the door, a warm blast of air slaps me in the face. I quickly fix my bangs and spot Edward at a table in the center of the room.

My heart pounds against my chest as I approach, which is at the exact time that the scissored tag in my dress starts to scratch at my flesh.

It will pass, I tell myself. Just focus on Edward. On the amazing thing that’s about to happen.

The maître d’ takes my coat, and Edward stands to pull out my chair. He rakes his sandy hair from his face, and I take a moment to drink him in. He’s a little taller than me and has what I’d describe as a lithe build. His eyes twinkle and his lips, which perfectly fit mine when we kiss, break into a smile.

I press my mouth to his smooth cheek and inhale his cologne—it smells like fresh mountain spring water and rainbows. I know that rainbows don’t have a scent, but if they did, they would smell like Edward, woodsy and clean.


“Hi, yourself,” he murmurs with a smile that makes his cheek dimple. So adorable.

I sit and smooth down my dress. “Sorry to be late.”

Edward takes his seat and grins at me sloppily. “You’re fine. Absolutely fine.”

A sigh escapes me. My heart is still thundering in my ribs. The urge to leap over the table, grab him by the lapels and beg him to get to his question is overwhelming, but I manage to bite it down.

We peruse the menu and the waiter appears. I order first. “I would like the wedge salad, but instead of blue cheese, I’d rather ranch dressing, and on the side, please. I’d also like to go lightly on the bacon, and please make it extra crispy but not burnt.”

After Edward orders, he smiles at me. “You’re so…you, the way you order so particularly.”

I fold my napkin into a compact rectangle and drape it over my lap. “Thank you.”

We do a lot of smiling at each other as we wait for our food. Edward is perfect. He’s handsome, funny, charming and a wizard, which is more than my family could hope for, considering.

After our meals arrive and we’re several bites in, he places his knife atop the plate. “Addie, like I said, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

This is it! I place my fork delicately beside the ramekin holding my dressing. “Yes? I’m all ears.” And fingers! One in particular.

“We’ve been seeing each other for a while, and we’ve gotten very close. You’re a wonderful woman.”

“Thank you.” It’s hard not to blush.

“We have so much in common—coming from magical families and all, and you know that I’m about to go off to magical law school. I should’ve done it sooner, but as they say, better late than never.”

Edward’s thirty years old, just to clarify.

“I completely understand,” I say, straightening my spine. That tag is still driving me nuts. I press my back to the chair, hoping that’ll ease the itch, but it only makes it worse.

“And you’re adorable with the way you order food, so picky.”

Why are we still talking about the way I order meals and not about getting engaged? “Well, I like things the way I like them.”

“And you’re very refined.”

“Thank you.”

Here it comes. He’s giving me big googly eyes, and his teeth are supercharged. The glinting is off the charts.

“And since I’ll eventually be running for office, you can imagine that I’ll need a partner who’s my match in every way.”

That’s me. Sign me up! “Absolutely.”

“And since my family is magical and I’m a well-trained wizard, it would only make sense to have a witch at my side.”

“Of course.”

“And that witch must be my magical match.”

My fingers curl into the napkin from excitement. “Definitely.”

“Which is why I’m…”

I hold my breath, waiting for Edward to finish his sentence.

And then he does.

How To Fake It With A Fae

A brooding fae king bent on revenge meets his match in this hilarious modern romance.

Book lover Addison Thornrose can match you with your next perfect read. Unfortunately, she can’t match herself with a good man. Her latest just dumped her. Worse, she’s learned that unless she marries, and quickly, her family will lose their witch magic—forever.

Feylin, king of the fae, has no interest in romance. In fact, the only thing he’s interested in is getting revenge on the family that ruined his life. So when he learns that they’re holding a Bridgerton style ball to marry off their oldest daughter, he sees an opportunity for vengeance.

But what Feylin doesn’t expect is to start falling for her. And worse, he really doesn’t expect it when ancient fae magic binds him to Addison so that they can’t be separated.

His solution is to strike a bargain—be in a fake relationship. Just until they can break the spell between them, and just until he can get his revenge.

For Addison, this is a dream come true. She doesn’t want to be pawned off to a line of suitors, and she certainly doesn’t want to be engaged. But between the spine-tingling fake dates and the tension-infused banter, lines begin to blur. And Addison begins to wonder when her heart will stop faking it and her feelings become real.

Bridgerton meets A Court of Thorns and Roses in this grumpy-sunshine romantic comedy that features a magical bookshop, a tight-knit family, sisterhood, and lots of laughter. It’s the first in a series of stand-alone romances.

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magic book

Now Available


A brooding fae king bent on revenge meets his match in this hilarious modern romance.

How to Fake It with a Fae